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Empowerment through Education

At Samala, we believe in the importance of education. That’s why 10% of our profit goes towards supporting impoverished youth. As of January 2022, we have 10 youth from Nyabira, Zimbabwe that are being financially supported. Their tuition and study materials expenses have been paid in full. In Zimbabwe, an estimated 78% of students complete primary school and continue into secondary education (high school). Government schools are not well resourced—there are frequent shortages in supplies and students often have to share text books.

Students were chosen for Samala’s sponsorship program through a randomized process. We were given a list of students who regularly struggle to pay their yearly tuition, and 10 students were randomly selected. It is our dream that our student sponsorship program will empower these through education.

Samala is more than just a clothing brand. It is our vision to make creative, high quality apparel that will enable us to provide students an opportunity to follow their dreams.

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