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Samala's debut drop, Nyabira 21.

Our debut drop, Nyabira ’21, is named after a high-density village in Mashonaland West province of Zimbabwe; this collection is dedicated to creating more opportunities for the impoverished youth of Nyabira.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful landlocked country located in southern Africa. Known for being home to amazing safari destinations and one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has many breathtaking landscapes to offer the curious visitor.

Though Zimbabwe is home to beautiful views, unfortunately, it is also a country with economic difficulties as it has one of the highest unemployment rates and inflation rates in the world. Because of its struggling economy, opportunities for the youth can be limited.

Samala has partnered with Nyabira primary school, a public school located in Nyabira, and we are committing 10% of our profit from this collection to cover tuition for students. These students will be randomly selected from a long list of individuals who have been forced to drop out of school for financial reasons.

The Nyabira ’21 collection, designed by two native Zimbabwean artists from the Mashonaland central province, demonstrates the artists’ perspectives on the importance of education in vulnerable communities. Named after their creators, Mazvita and Stycott, there is a total of two unique, vibrant designs for this drop.

In the future, every drop will have a different geographical focus. If you have any suggestions regarding the next region Samala should select to support financially, please contact us at

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Daniel Simango
Daniel Simango

Madadisa congratulations my guys.

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